The Weekend Code Warrior(2017 Version)

It is with great pleasure that I report that I will be back in the ranks of the employed!  I begin a new job Monday testing defective Apple products.

With the job, I won’t have as much time during the week to work on programming, etc.  I do want to get back to preparing for my Security+ certification exam, but I also see a need to work with; Python and the Raspberry Pi, Kali Linux and maybe TAILS, JavaScript and App Development, and “doxxing”.

I think about it, and the only time I may have to do all this may be the weekend.  I get up pretty early on Saturdays and Sundays, so I could get an hour in before breakfast, or even during it.  College football could be a good background for coding as well.  Since I’m boycotting the NFL in solidarity with Colin Kapernick, that leaves Sundays free.

Now I may have to cut back on my “field work”, maybe just restrict that to meetings, etc.

It would seem that I still feel the call of the activist geek, or want to be found by the South-Central PA cell of Anonymous.

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