App Lab

I come into the world of blogging with a programming background.  My degree is in Computer Science, and I at one time considered myself a reasonably proficient Java Developer.

A few months ago, inspired by the Pennsylvania ACLU’s “Mobile Justice” app, I wondered what would have happened if someone had a cell phone that fateful day in Florida.

The next step was to wonder, “why not, and why not me”; I’d been playing around with a tool called “App Inventor” and figured I could learn what Java I would need to make it work.

So this is my lab, a place for me to stow apps I am working on.


Trust Me–I Know What I’m Doing

To get these apps to work, since they won’t be in the traditional app store.  You’ll want to configure your device to run unknown apps.

Locate the Security Setting
Locate the “Unknown Sources” option
Activate the Option

Thump Trump

My first exploration into app development was basically a “mod” of a “Wack-a-Mole” type game.

Rather than take shots at Justin Beiber, Steph Curry, etc, I figured Donald Trump made a tempting target.  I did make a few modifications to the basic game; adding a way to store the high score and the speed at which “The Donald” is moving.

Thump Trump.apk–The executable, this is what you would download into your phone, tablet, etc.

Thump Trump.aia–The source code. In case you want to try your hand at this.