“Troll Patrol” Log, October 18-24

As I stated before, the folks at realize that to stay afloat, they need to get clicks.  To do this, they need to get the attention of the “Trailer Park Caucus”.

This past week provided several examples of the folks that PennLive is relying on.

Cynthia Tucker’s piece on the Bengazi hearings generated 146, comments including:

I’m surprised that such a hypersensitive pc elitist like Mizz Tucker would use the term ‘Islamic militants’ in one of her brainless partisan op-eds.

Obama would not approve if he ever found out one of his minions was using such an insensitive description.

When Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman took at look at Hillary Clinton’s comment that the United States isn’t Demark, but that we could learn from them, the “American Exceptionalists” from the mobile estates lept to defend ‘Merica, but only to the tune of about 57 comments.

 As Merle Haggard once sang, “If you don;t love it, LEAVE IT”. Its a free country and you can join your comrades any time you want.

. . .

Europe is the rich white suburbs of the world.  Scandanavia is the rich white suburbs of Europe.  Might as well cite Camp Hill as the development model for Philadelphia.

The second comment was a common theme in posts from the “Trailer Park Caucus”; that America is larger and more diverse than Denmark, etc.

PennLive also seems to realize that allowing the mobile estates to have their say can generate clicks. As the over 440 comments to a letter to the editor critical of Bernie Sanders showed, a lot these comments were those few, intelligent, folks of the PennLive community trying to educate the best and brightest from the backwaters, but these efforts were met with:

Unfortunately, the Denmark of Bernie’s fantasies — blue-eyed families cavorting on state-subsidized ice rinks while sipping free Carlsberg-infused hot cocoa and yodeling (do only the Swiss yodel?) about the wonders of free Scandinavian pet insurance — is very different from the Denmark which exists in the real world.

To wit: Denmark has, comparatively, very little regulation of its economy (uh oh — that doesn’t sound fair); strong private property rights (boo!); low public debt (how does one say “You pikers!  We’re at 18 Trillion, with a bullet” in Danish?) and — here’s the kicker which Bernie will never talk about — heavy taxation on the middle class to support its generous welfare state.  In fact, no only is the middle class hit with high income taxes, but members of that much-pandered-to socioeconomic voting bloc also pay a substantial VAT on top of it.

It seems that even in a socialist Nordic wonderland, there are no free frikadellers for lunch.

. . . .

. . . I sure hope I can make your — whatsit?  — “troll” list some day.  Stay vigilant.  The TPC [Trailer Park Caucus] militia is growing in numbers, and it’s going to require hyper-intelligent elites such as yourself to keep the power in the hands of the smart folk.

A letter to the editor from a resident of Harrisburg in reference to Rupert Murdoch’s comments on Ben Carson and President Obama had the “Trolls” defending one of their main media outlets, to the tune of 169 comments, including:

maybe it’s because we’re tired of seeing a man of wealth and privilege himself, and elected the first black president of the United States, running around the country giving commencement speeches about how he’s still a victim (his wife does it too). Maybe we disliked seeing him give the nod and wink to the rioters and looters this past summer. Maybe we’re tired of hearing lectures from the left about supposed white privilege and how if we’re white we’re racists and nothin will change that. Maybe we’re tired of the left feeling it has the moral prerogative to define the terms of the “discussion” and say who can participate and what they can or cannot say.

As for the battle flag, it’s being flown by more people, even those who never gave a whit about it before, because it’s a symbol of rebellion, a way to stick it to the left the way they’ve been sticking the race thing to everyone else

It wasn’t just op-eds that drove clicks by the way, an article about a float in the Newport, Perry County, PA parade had the “Trolls” defending their own, among the 273 comments were:

Linda Thompson was known to gleefully traffic in stereotypes and to reinforce them as well.

What’s good for the goose
. . . .

So the white “racists” in PC portrayed a black person with a gorilla mask for Halloween. The black “racists” in Harrisburg beat up and sent two white boys to the hospital after Kipona. I think I’d rather have the Halloween hate crime.

. . .

Yeah, since Obama seem to be able to get away with it and the AWOL media gives criminals, thugs, illegals better coverage than US citizens, military vets and our law enforcement.

Two other pieces that generated some traffic from the “Trolls” were a letter to the editor on guns and a piece on how law enforcement seems to feel that video cameras are making it hard to do their jobs.


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